Hotel “International”

    Location: M. Alexandrou – Karaviti – Prespa

    Street & number: Megalo Alexandrou 94 & I. Karaviti 2

    Construction date: 1924

    Hotel “International” is a two-storey neoclassical building of the Eclectic period of the interwar period. In this area, before the hotel was built, there was a Turkish hay with a taxi in the courtyard. With the exchange of populations, the Ottoman owners left and the hay was bought by the Simos family, who originated from the village of Alona, ​​Florina.

    During the interwar period, the Simon brothers decided to build the majestic “International” hotel for their time, because Florina became a resort for the inhabitants of Thessaloniki. On the ground floor of the building were shops and on the upper floor were the hotel rooms. Also in the same area was a volleyball and casino club. Until the outbreak of World War II, the hotel’s exquisite clientele was the Jewish class of Thessaloniki, and after the war it became more popular because it lost its wealthy customers. The “International” Hotel closed definitively in 1990.

    Hotel on 50es

    Lovely place for making movies by Theodoros Aggelopoulos

    The main features of the hotel’s architecture are symmetry, monumentality and many plaster decorative elements.

    The building is made of stone, solid brick and plaster of colored plaster.

    Photos from personal collection of Vaggelis Kiatipis